FAQ About Limb Lengthening Surgery


How to get taller / How to grow taller?
How many limb lengthening methods are there?
How much does it cost to do limb lengthening surgery?
Can everyone have limb lengthening surgery? (Am I eligible for leg lengthening surgery?)
Is Turkey good for limb Lengthening?
Is limb lengthening surgery worth it?
How painful is limb lengthening surgery?
When can I return to my daily life after limb lengthening surgery?
How much taller does leg lengthening surgery make you?
Is limb lengthening surgery safe?
Can you walk after leg lengthening surgery?
Which country is best for limb lengthening surgery?
How long does it take to recover from limb lengthening?
Can you walk during limb lengthening surgery?
Whats our difference from others?
Can you play sports after leg lengthening? / Can we run after limb lengthening surgery?


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  • Joseph

    How much is Lon method and quadrilateral lengthening

    • Yunus Öç

      Hello, thanks for your comment. Based on the current suregry fees, the LON costs 19 850 USD. However, it should be noted that the prices change at different times. We do not offer quadrilateral package or fee. Quadrilateral surgery is not performed by our doctor because it is too risky. For example, there is a high risk of embolism, and long duration of anesthesia and there can be multitrauma in the legs. Thus, the second limb lengthening surgery can be done ideally 6/12 months after the first surgery. Regards, Dr. Oc Team

  • Chris

    Can I lengthen my femur and tibia/fibula at the same time? If not, when is the soonest I could get the second surgery to do so?

    • Yunus Öç

      Hello, quadrilateral lengthening surgeries are not performed due to their high risk. Such procedures can pose a significant risk of embolism and require prolonged anesthesia, which can cause multiple traumas to the legs. Therefore, it is ideal to schedule a second limb lengthening surgery at least 6 to 12 months after the initial procedure. He prefers giving a gap of 6 to 12 months between leg lengthening surgeries for several reasons. Firstly, it allows the bone to heal and form a strong callus, providing stability during lengthening and reducing complications. Secondly, it gives time for the surrounding soft tissues to recover from surgery-related stress, preventing potential complications. Thirdly, it helps avoid problems like infection, nerve damage, and poor bone consolidation that might occur if the second surgery is rushed. The gradual lengthening process also allows the bone to adapt effectively, leading to better outcomes with reduced fracture risk. Lastly, the recovery time enables patients to undergo thorough physical therapy and rehabilitation, ensuring better preparation and increased comfort for the subsequent surgery, thus improving overall well-being and pain management.


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