Detached House

The price range varies with regard to the size, location and item status of the house. The prices for accommodation at home ranges from 550 $ to 1350 $.

While staying at home, you need to supply food and drinks from a market. The monthly average cost of grocery shopping for individuals ranges from 90 $ to 375 $. Let’s say that you do not feel to deal with the cooking and order food every day instead. In that case, the monthly average can go up from 275 $ to 450 $.

During stay at home, you need medical amenities such as X-rays, medications, a caretaker(optional) and physiotherapy. We will have them brought to you in consideration of extra charges. The prices for those amenities are as below;

  • Physiotherapy (Per session): 45 $
  • X-ray: 120 $ / Per segment – AP
  • Medications: 50 $ – 70 $ / Per month
  • Psychologic Counselling Service (Once a month): 40 $

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